National Seminar on G20 Initiatives: Towards inclusive and sustainable growth concluded here today


March 18-The Department of Political Science, Christ Church College Kanpur, and the Indian Institute of Public Administration Kanpur Branch jointly organized a two-day National Seminar on “G20 Initiatives: Towards inclusive and sustainable growth.”

This was the first seminar organized by by any academic institution of the city.
The seminar aimed at creating awareness among the people about the initiatives and achievements of the G20 agenda under Indian leadership.

Prof. N.K. Saksena Chairperson IIPA Kanpur Branch. Dr. Joseph Daniel, the Principal and Secretary of Christ Church College and college governing Body chaired the inaugural session.

The keynote address was delivered by Sqn. Ldr. Toolika Rani, G20 Brand Ambassador, U.P. Government. She ignited young minds with her inspiring ideas about taking challenges in life and selflessly working for the nation. She shared her perceptions about how UP can be a forerunner in taking initiatives to promote India’s G20 agenda and contribute to its success.

R. Ramani, Guest of Honor,stated the need for more such national seminars to instil values of humanitarianism and nationalism among one and all. He shared some valuable insights about the Indian agenda and initiatives for the G20 presidency.

The Chief guest, Dr. Uma Shankar,shared his insights about the role and significance of the Indian Presidency of G20, allowing India to further its ideological and philosophical underpinnings in global governance. India has set an example in governance by interacting with the goals of equity, inclusivity and the common good.

On the occasion, eminent guests released the Textbooks for the Second and Fourth Semester Undergraduate Political science written by Prof. Ashutosh Saxena and Dr. Vibha Dikshit.

In his address Prof. Joseph Daniel the chairman appreciated the efforts of the organizing team for organizing such a valuable event to educate people about the significance of G20 and the Indian presidency.

Prof. N.K. Saksena President IIPA Kanpur Branch proposed the vote of thanks. Dr. Vibha Dikshit, associate professor (Political science department) and organizing secretary of the seminar, efficiently conducted the inaugural session.

The seminar, on the first day,  proceeded with three technical sessions based on four themes  on G20.

Guest of honour S.K. Singh chaired the first technical session, which Prof. Ashutosh Saxena had coordinated. The deliberations focused on G20 andjust, sustainable, and equitable global growth. Singh set the context with his insightful perceptions about equality and sustainability in global governance.

Prof. Rajesh Kumar of PPN College Pragya Tripathi Abhinav Shakya and Richa yadav also addressed the first session.

The second technical session covered two themes the G20: Inclusive global growth under the “Vasudhaiv Kutumbkam” and G20: Environmental crises, green energy, green governance and disaster management.

Prof. Anoop Singh, Principal of PPN College, chaired the session. He elaborated upon the philosophy of “Vasudhaiv Kutumkam.”  Dr Anuj Mishra , Dr. Kirti Mishra ,Sonu Trivedi and Aishwarya Awasthi presented their respective papers.
The final technical session of the day focused deliberations on the theme “Crises management by G20 Nations in Global South for development, trade, and security.

Dr. Padma Iyer chaired the session and spoke about the international security issues to be dealt with by G20 nations for sustainable growth. Dr Rashmi Mishra and Prof. Anurag Ratna spoke about the international crisis and Indian responses to it. They deliberated on the issues related to security threats for the Indian subcontinent. Aamir presented a paper on new Indian foreign policy initiatives in a Multi-polar world where a Multi-aligned approach is gaining ground.

The first day of the National Seminar raised some practical issues and dwelt upon valuable issues.

On the second day today several important recommendations emerged through serious deliberations among experts, administrators and the academic community.

The first technical session covered critical theme of women’s empowerment. Dr. Kamal Mussadi, a poetess and writer chaired the technical session. Dr. Rajesh Tripathi from IIPA coordinated the session. Shaily Pande, Kalpana Singh, Hina Azmat and Dr Prem Pal  presented their research papers on the gendering of G20, the digital platform for women, women’s leadership roles, and gender equality problems. India has put gender issues on its primary agenda, giving it serious attention to achieve this SDG goal.

The Valedictory session followed the technical session attended by eminent persons including Dr. Bipin Kaushik, Political scientist and Principal of VSSD College
Prof. R.C. Katiyar Former Pro Vice Chancellor, CSJMU Kanpur and Vice Chairperson IIPA Kanpur chaired the session. Prof. Ashutosh Saxena, Head Department of Political Science and Vice Chairperson IIPA Kanpur coordinated the session.   Prof. Joseph Daniel, Principal and Secretary of Christ Church College, formally welcomed all the distinguished guests and participants. Dr Vibha Dikshit, the organizing secretary of the seminar, presented the seminar report.

Chief Guest Prof. Bipin Kaushik, Principal of VSSD College, in his valedictory address stressed upon the need of making G20 more meaningful through proactive attitudes and action programs to find solutions plaguing Global governance. India can take a significant leap with its unique philosophy of universal brotherhood and inclusive development mode. India tries to balance capitalism with humanitarianism, which is the need of hour in the current global crisis.

Chairpersons of the session Prof R.C. Katiyar made observations about the seminar and called the intellectual committee to organize such intellectual deliberations more often to create awareness and orient the young minds to contribute to nation-building. Dr G L Srivastava Convener of the Seminar and Secretary IIPA Kanpur  proposed Vote of Thanks.
The college faculty Soofia Shahab,  Prof. Shipra Shrivastav,  Prof D.C. Srivastav, Prof Sujata Chaturvedi, Prof Ravi Mahalwala, Prof Niranjan Swaroop were present on the occasion

The seminar culminated in a successful intellectual activity with strong participation and paper presentation by the faculty, researchers and other professionals. The organizing team comprising Hina, Archana, Sakshi, Ishita, Richa, Shaily, Abhinav and Aamir worked very hard for its success. Ujjwal, Maanvi, Srijal, Ishan, Sumit abhishek and other students were involved in various organizing responsibilities.