Heart’s cry

vector smile valentines heart isolated

Hey women
Are you looking for perfect man
Sorry but this Earth is full of satan
But instead you want to find
You should search him in
Or should search him in deep light
They don’t want to love you
Believe me or not
it’s right
They just want to know your size
It’s doesn’t matter for them
how’s your soul shine
They only looking for body fine
If y’ll get married with him
He’ll start to go gym
No not for you at all
Just for other girls to whom on insta he scroll
Where your right
And when you fight
They stare other girls
And you are keep quite
They treat women just like a toy
And enjoy itself just because they are boy?
They don’t have shame on themselves
Even when they grow old
They still looking for girl bold
No no no it’s enough now
It’s not time to live like a innocent cow
If they are wrong
Then you should strong
If they can shout
Then you should clout
It’s not right they play with you like a game
Now stand
And show them you are a robust Dame.

  • Rudranshi Bhattacharjee