Dr. Asha Singh

No wonder, the today’s delirious world, going in an abstract way, hitherto seems to be handless without weapons, getting trapped in a blind chase to adorn itself with highly efficient arms and ammunitions apt to its sturdy assertiveness and absurdity. The fresh classy trials of supremacy and echoing of intolerance in territorial regional disputes at places like Syria and blue waters can be heard and seen no less far and wide. So it’s quite evident that the existing world is more or less thriving under the shadow of crazy, lunatic and intolerant leaderships. To adding another imperfect feather to an ideal multi crises cap is unhindered cultivation of imperfect socialist gurus as a part of political gambling strategy that are leaving no stones unturned to harness the unblossomed scapegoats to find solace in intolerant principles. It can be like “Eureka-Eureka” for Dr Zakir Naik, the ‘Nayak cum Khalnayak’ to play the cards of religion and very tactfully transform the naked half-truths to virtual truths. Highly capable of vicissitude, the wizard of himself found it easy to diffuse selfish and only self-enlightened goals amongst the most virgin, incomprehensible multitudes and subsequently misleading the opinions of insipid souls. It cannot be ruled out that there are desperate efforts for manipulating the rudimentary fundamental divine cause of our existence and also encouraging fraudulent ways to inspire false hopes among vulnerable grumbling with destiny. As style and taste goes global, intolerant mechanisms goes global too in juxtapose. What is worrying is that a totally new prolific breed of aggressive religious extremists, a fusion of opposite cultures has evolved and are being groomed at political and religion based laboratories under the blanket of ignorance and fear. Thus prompting Peter Hangman to write a book named ‘WHY KIDS KILL’.

A series of gruesome attacks on Uri, Pathankot, Bangladesh, Brussels and Cubec reminds me of Joseph Nye’s statement that the small players win if they make the larger players use their strength against themselves; needless to name the small masterminds such as ‘Natin of Orlando’ or ‘Buhlal of Nice’ and many more. For the same reasons so many innocent lives are killed and describing it not a hyperbola that it could be the worst violation of human rights.
The wide spread global tragedies is quite an indication of the rising graph of stratified intolerance and in fact polarisation. Polarisation has bluntly provided a sweet tangy aroma to the political gamut. The world is witness to Donald Trump’s pranks and rebukes to the doctrine of compassion. Even scarier is showcase of no restraint on unabashed attitudes among global leaders so categorically.
A report by US commission for Inter Religious Freedom has ratified to the increased incidents of harassments and derogatory hate speeches made publicly in India. Consequently, so many acclaimed national award winners explicitly had found it pertinent to return their honours which speaks volumes of the compulsion to express for intolerance thus presenting a dismal yet sorry state of their minds. Can the democracy be even more ruptured and suffocating than this?  Who should pay the indemnity for Nepal consequently resulting in eight prime ministers in eight years after 2008? The state mongers or the unaccountable praja? However, carrying out a smear campaign of instability overnight is as depressing as it is to think so.
If we peep in the past there were existed two categories of the people one – optimist and the other- pessimist. In the due course of time due to many subdued factors another category-activist came into existence. With the gradual transformation the penultimate category of extremist evolved and ultimately in the present scenario the category has transformed as terrorist- the most intolerant persons.
Just taking a dig at global online freedom, engulfed in an obsession of its own peculiar kind, a redundant Craving for creative outbursts, blunt rebuttals at times, is all that we are getting conditioned to. A unanimous coherence to the ongoing trends and its tidal thrusts are ubiquitous. But unfortunately today, speculations regarding sanctified dignity of global online freedom are hitting the sensitivity and soulfulness of app users. Are we losing the secular dimensions of our tolerance parameters? Hate significantly always erupts at bottom or middle levels, It’s by hook or crook to instigate the idiosyncratic internal patriots. The extremism has submerged the entire mindsets into an ocean of despair, uncertainty and obduracy indeed. The subtle truth is that the entire network of intolerance is operating at the behest of self-directed unmatched commitments revealing rebellious intentions and desperate choices for no obvious reasons. So are we not getting inclined to making picture perfect barriers for ourselves? Isn’t all this nothing but an arbitrary articulation of our hopes and aspirations gradually being made submissive by stubborn ideals?
During twentieth century most of the families were joint, where families of two or more brothers even cousins used to live together with the eldest person taking the driving seat. All the festivals and special occasions were celebrated together, even during any untoward events the whole family used to stand together as a result of which the affected one never felt loneliness during grief. The new generation is spending more time on internet especially on watching violent movies and on violent video games leading to mental pollution. Previously the elder ones used to taught manners and children were taught not to react against elder ones But in today’s scenario, when families are shrinking and even wife husband are not living under a single roof, the loneliness i.e.  unsharing of grief is leading to violent attitude. Today when both the parents are involved in multiple jobs to meet their luxurious requirement, their wards certainly become self-centered which leads to buffed distorted attitude and ultimately leads to intolerance towards parents and society when they grow up.
When a man is not able to cope up with fast growing society and culture he becomes violent to show his dominance in society. Apart from this growing ego and dominant attitude due to irrelevant things, made available by intolerant and egoistic persons, on social media and internet is one of the major areas of concern. Status difference in society is making a section of society of obtuse mentality.Intolerance is generated by imposing a thing forcibly on someone or by restricting someone to do certain things. The best example of such intolerance is government sponsored religious restrictions on one or more section of society and imposing unwanted religious customs in certain countries.
Most of the things seem to be getting out of hands and we let the things happen as such. How far could we shoulder the burden of a troublesome present? With alarm bells ringing at the doorsteps and moral ideals smashed altogether, its onus of the broader international community to abide by their synchronized commitments and rather stay away from  smear campaigning or a naïve U-turn of rhetorics. It’s time to stop fishing in troubled waters for good and all forever.


  1. Relevant problems which the world is presently facing have been touched in d article. The correlation between family ideals, upbringing of kids and the emotional balnace (or disbalance) of an individual is something which the society needs to ponder upon.

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