Five points suggestion for breathing clean air

G.P Varma

The environmentalists feel that there are five ways to keep air unpolluted and fit for breathing.

The facts came to light during a extensive study of air pollution in Delhi.

The Union Government  had asked an environmental scientist at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT-K) Dr Mukesh Sharma to conduct a study of air pollution in Delhi.

The study was aimed at diagnosing the causes of air pollution and understanding its relationship between emitting sources and the impact they caused on breathing air quality.

The study took a year to know the various polluting sources and to apply the most effective pollution control methods.

It was found during the study that that the gases emitted through coal based power plants like Sulphur dioxide and Nitrogen dioxide were the precursor gases for air pollution as it converted into particles in the air and caused breathing hazards.

Consequently, besides controlling fly-ash the emitted gases should also be controlled to keep the environment clean and the air fit for healthy breathing.

Higher quantity of sulphur in diesel was another cause of air pollution. The quantity of sulphur in the diesel needed to be reduced from even fifty part per million (PPM) to ensure clean air.

Burning of the municipal waste to destroy the crude garbage was a normal practice but the burning process polluted the air. The burning of garbage for its destruction should be stopped. Besides, the burning of any kind of biomass for any purpose should also be discouraged, if the environment was to be kept clean.

More so there was also the need of using Euro-6 vehicles for checking the environmental air pollution in the environment, observed Dr Mukesh Sharma in his report.


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