Father’s Pride

Father and son walking on an emoty country road and holding hands

Raina Wahaj

Memories are beautiful sitting at the airport she thought – Lessons to learn and tears are what they brought !

Wondering about her childhood days – When mumma scolded her to mend her ways – Daddy’s consolation ice cream were her only pleasure – Now these memories are her only treasure!

She held her father’s fingers and learnt how to walk-He was the one who taught her how to talk – He sang for her the sweetest lullaby-And always inspired her to touch the sky!

Stories about their picnic at the side of the lake,
Were the most heart touching stories she could ever make.
At her birthday night he stayed awake,
To bake her special chocolate flavoured cake !

To fulfill her wishes and all her desires,
Sometimes also to buy her favourite attires.
Never did he hesitate to wear the same shirt ,

But What he cared about was to iron her school’s skirt !
He stayed up late to make coffee on her exam night!
Desperately waited for the day when her Engine would ignite!
When society asked him to work on her looks,

He chose to buy her enormous books.
When she interviewd for her job,
Everyone could hear his heart throb.
The day came when she was selected,
Joy in his sparking eyes clearly reflected.

She saw the car crash with her own eyes!
Never could She forget the day of her father’s demise !
Capt wake up wake up and take off the flight,
It is time for you to hit the runway’s light.
She missed her father with tears in her eyes-The hardest part of life are the unsaid goodbyes!

This time she was not the wedding bride. But indeed her father’s pride !
But indeed her father’s pride !!