Survival blanket for handling the Corona dead


The handling of the dead bodies of corona patients and their funeral has been a concern to the health department.

However, to counter this problem a company NCFD has introduced infection proof shroud-survival blanket- meant for injured or fallen army jawan, to prevent corona infected bodies from being a source of infection.

The NCFD company has developed the survival blanket in association with the Defence Materials and Stores Research and Development Establishment (DMSRDE).

It is made of .14mm aluminites film and polyester and weighs 18 grams. It gives all out protection to the handlers, once the body is packed and taken for the cremation, according to Mayank Srivastava the director of NCFD.

At present these blankets are used for a seriously injured soldier. If the injured jawan is wrapped in it, he is prevented against any infection. In areas where temperature are sub Zero, it stops a condition in which bones begin to decay.

Besides, the preservation of bodies in temperature from sub-zero to 48 degree Celsius for prolonged period the blanket stops the bleeding after coming in contact with a fresh wound according to Mayank.

Priced at just rupees 250 the blanket has a tensile strength of thirty Newton per square centimetre. The company has a stock of 45000 pieces at present and it could be provided whenever asked, Mayank said.