Want to be diabetes free, avoid plastic packed edibles


Want to be free from diabetes, avoid using plastic utensils, plastic packed edibles and drinks. Reason: the plastic contained potentially hazardous and diabetic prone ingredients, says recent researches.

The recent researches have revealed that the main cause of rising incidences of diabetes were due to the consumption of food and drinks including water in plastic bags and bottles.

Besides,the unchecked use of fertilizer based insecticides and pesticides in the crops was also one of the chief cause of increase in diabetic cases in urban and rural areas.

The diabetes has been gripping even the slim people doing regular physical exercises as they consumed plastic packed edibles and food served in plastic utensils.

According to director of the Diabetic and Cardiac Centre Dhanbad Dr NK Singh the plastic contained Bisphenol –an industrial chemical compound (C15H1602). It continues to discharge while the plastic is in use in any form.

As it reaches to the body, it affects the activity of insulin in the body and gradually the body stops producing insulin, which causes diabetes.

The lunch and water for the school-going children should not be packed in plastic lunch boxes and plastic water bottles. The metallic utensils should be used for keeping edibles and water he added.