Sensor Fitted Wrist Band for tremors’ watch

G.P. Varma

Students and teachers of the department of Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS) at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT-K) have developed a wrist band which could detect the tremors and can differentiate it with the tremors of Parkinson’s disease among its users at an early stage.

The wrist band fitted with highly sensitive sensors would be able to detect the symptoms of the Parkinson’s disease. The band would send the warning signals quite in advance on mobile through Bluetooth. This would give enough time to the patient to consult the neurologist.

In normal course the disease is detected in an advance stage. It starts with writing problem even facing difficulty in making signature due to tremor. Later it affects the lips, jaws and eyes, he said.

The sensor fitted digital wrist band would indicate the neurological disorder quite in advance and the patient could be checked with the help of early treatment.

The sensor fitted wrist band would be very different in four ways from the other such band available in the market said professor at the HSS department Professor Brij Bhushan the developer of the unique wrist band..

According to him tremors were of different kinds. The patient needed to be examined by the doctors to know if the tremors were due to Parkinson’s disease. The existing sensor fitted band or watches cannot differentiate among them, he claimed.

But the newly developed sensor fitted band would automatically differentiate between the pure tremor and the tremors due to Parkinson’s disease. It would help the doctor to start treatment without losing time.

Besides, the band could be connected with the mobile of the user and the details about the tremors would be displayed on the mobile. The tremors’ details would be restored in the mobile and would help the doctor during medical examination of the patient. The tremors could be recorded over the mobile phone if it was lying at a distance of one hundred meters from the user of the mobile.

The record of the tremors would also be available on the server and it could be transferred to the mobile of the doctor for the convenience of treating the patient.

A person living in remote area and using the band would be able to show the tremors data to the doctor even after several days as they would be recorded and restored in his mobile phone, according to professor Bhusahn.


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