Trees are communicative and have good social network

BFD698 Magnificent Walnut Tree ( Juglans nigra ) at Hanham Court Gardens, Cotswolds, England.. Image shot 08/2009. Exact date unknown.

Trees are almost like human beings. Need all that a man needs to survive-beyond food and water, says Peter Wohlleben a German Forester and the author of “The Hidden Life of Trees”.

The writer claims that an isolated tree has far shorter life than those living connected together in big parks or in dense forest. The reason, tree share food and communicate with each other as they need each other and have definite feelings for their species.

“Trees do not produce sounds but they communicate through scent. These scents when produced travel some one hundred yards and not beyond.

Besides, trees are very social beings. They help each other out, keeping their survival secured. Every species of tree tries to procure more space for itself, to optimise its performance and in this way crowd out other species.

After the fight for light, next is fight for water that finally decides who wins. Tree roots are very apt and can suck up as much water as possible. Under normal circumstances, that is sufficient, but more is always better. This is the reason that for millions of years trees have developed friendship with fungi which has twice the amount of life giving nitrogen and phosphorous in plants. The tree and fungal  partnership gives rise to positive feelings within the tree. Both of them exchange information about the possible attack by the insects.

The trees create a social network and also exchange nutrients through roots which are well connected beneath the ground”, he claimed.