Pollution Changing Cloud Formation and Rains Pattern

G.P Varma
The higher rate of pollution in the air has drastically affected the cloud formation and the rain pattern in the country according to a study by a noted environmental scientist at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT-K) Professor Sacchidanand Tripathi.
The observations are based on the sixteen years data based research, jointly conducted by a team of four environmental scientists led by professor Sacchidanand Tripathi (Department of Civil Engineering and Centre for Environmental Science and Engineering IIT-K).
The scientists included in the research studies were Chandan Sarangi (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Richland USA), P. Kanawade ( Centre for Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences, University of Hyderabad), Abin Thomas and Dilip Ganguly( Centre for Atmospheric Sciences IIT-Delhi),
Professor Tripthi said during the study on “Aerosol-induced intensification of cooling effect of clouds during Indian Summer Monsoon” it was observed that enhanced aerosol concentration were responsible for macro and microphysical properties of the cloud.
The research related paper has been accepted by the prestigious International Journal “Nature Communications” for publication.
Professor Tripathi said, “The long term satellite data (2002-2016) provided evidence of aerosol induced cloud invigoration effect (ALve) during the summer monsoon. The ALve led to enhance formation of thicker stratiform (anvil clouds) at higher altitudes, while in normal course anvil cloud is smaller.”
This change in the structure of the cloud has changed the character of the monsoon and the nature of rains. Due to this change often the rains occur suddenly in intensified manner and for a short spell of time and caused flash floods in the areas.
Besides, rains also occur in places which never had it earlier. As a consequence of the changes nights are getting warmer and the day’s temperature was on rise .
The report is a warning against the growing air pollution. If it was not contained, it would have serious and damaging effects in the climatic cycle and the condition of the country, Professor Tripathi said.


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