Palm touch: ancient system of diagnosis and treatment revived

Prachi Dwivedi

In an age of highly advanced medical knowledge one would not easily believe that the palm could be used for diagnosing and treating the diseases.

“But it is true,” claims a noted healer doctor Pradeep Bhagwat. According to him, “The palm is the mirror of one’s health, nature, behavior and future. It has been used as a vital tool in ancient Indian medicinal system for diagnosing and treating the diseases. Just by touching the palm and its lateral part the healer can diagnose the disease and its main causes.”

“Through PTT we diagnose the disease and its causes and suggest the required exercises and the dietary plan (Ahar) instead of prescribing any medicine. We conduct pathological tests through Indian system which did not require high tech equipment.

The NWM system rests upon the management of five Tatvas (elements) which include Akash (Space),Vayu (Air), Agni (Fire), Jal (Water) and Prithvi (Earth) in regulating our body and health,” he said.

Bhagwat is a Naturopath with Post Graduation degree in Wellness Management from Apollo Hospital Hyderabad. He also holds M S degree in Yoga. “But I inherited the knowledge of ancient Indian medicine system and Palm Touch Therapy (PTT) from my family and I have been using this knowledge and therapy since 1994 to treat the patients,” he said.

“In the year 2002, I set up NWM to train the medical students in the ancient science of healing and to treat the patients. The Naturomatic Wellness Management (NWM) is a new affordable and effective method to diagnose, treat, rehabilitate, rejuvenate and relax the patient easily. The NWM method was discovered by him” he claimed.

“It is helpful in achieving all eight types of wellness which including physical, mental, emotional, educational, environmental, occupational, social and spiritual”, Dr Pradeep claimed.

The method has been included in new alternative, complementary, non-evasive, drug less therapy by the Health Research Wing of the union ministry for health and family welfare. It has now been included to psycho-therapy at Chaudhary Charan Singh University, Meerut and is gaining popularity in US, Canada, South Africa, Australia, Malaysia and in New Zealand, Dr pradeep claimed.

According to him NWM has ten principles and eight golden rules.
1. NWM is for all 8 Well beings (Physical, Mental, Emotional, Educational, Occupational, Environmental, Social and Spiritual).
2. The system holds that all diseases and problems are the results of Energy Imbalance.
3. The “Balance in Energy” can treat all the diseases and problems.
4. The food items can replace most of the medicines.
5. It is only Nature and Natural Energies that can heal.
6. The cause of problems and diseases lie in mind and soul.
7. NWM can complement every system of medicine and healing.
8. NWM can Diagnose, Treat, Rehabilitate, Rejuvenate and Relax easily.
9. Five established Elements (Space, Air, Fire, Water, and Earth) work better with optimum use of 5 Micro Elements (Darkness, Mind, Soul, Direction, and Time).
10. NWM can treat Persons, Places, and Things.

Golden Rules:-
1. Be natural, be yourself.
2. Avoid Processed Food
3. Empty yourself, nobody can pour a filled cup.
4. Everything is Energy, Everything can heal or harm.
5. You are responsible for your health and happiness.
6. Things you don’t repair can repeat.
7. Add everything Positive, Promoting and Productive
8. Self belief that “I can change”.


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