Maryam Nazar

Miraculous escape of a
Delicate, beautiful, fairy girl-
From a monster’s den-
Haunts her memory all the time.
Memory lane speaks of
A dreamy walk
In a dusky evening
Over a lonely street,
Men, nay, monsters
Picked her up forcibly
To cage her in a
Dark dingy room
With several other fairies there.
Tied with iron chain
Being thrashed and tortured.
All begging mercy-
But cruelty had no heart,
It did not stop,
Direst cruelty continued-
They screamed –
Screamed aloud-
But no rescuer.
Oh! She shuddered with awe
Covered her eyes with her palm
Lost in thoughts
“Should I bid adieu the world
Or should face the fate?”
Her sobbing had no answer.
Each day she wakes up
And goes to sleep-