Indoor air pollution is more dangerous than outdoor pollution


Beware of indoor pollution. A recent study has revealed that it is more dangerous than the outdoor pollution.  It can cause frequent headache, worries, sleeplessness, tiredness and exhaustion.

Primarily the outdoor pollution is very much responsible for several physical problems, but the indoor pollution also attributes to several problem says a study conducted by an associate professor in the department of civil engineering of the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT-K) Anubha Goel.

It was found that the use of mosquito repellent coils and room refreshers, and the smoke generated during cooking and smoking polluted the room environment.

The study was conducted in about sixty houses in the IIT-K campus surrounded by greenery and in the office buildings but the indoor air quality exceeded the permissible limits.

The presence of carbon-di-oxide was very high in all the houses and offices under study. The permissible limit of carbon-di-oxide is 500 PPM but it was found up to 1400 PPM.

The study suggested that in order to check the indoor pollution one should keep the windows open for longer period, rooms must have the ventilators, avoid using mosquito repellent for longer period and every room must have an exhaust fan.

Professor Anubha said that so far no standards were fixed for the Indoor Air Quality Index (AQI), which was very necessary to contain the indoor pollution. She said due to indoor and outdoor air pollution twelve lakh people died in the year 2017. It is high time that  AQI for indoor pollution be framed she suggested.