Now sugar free sugar

G.P. Varma

Good news for the diabetic patients. They can have now “sugar-free” natural sugar made from the sugar cane leaves.

The natural sugar has been produced at the India’s prestigious National Sugar Institute (NSI). The diabetic persons can consume it safely.

According to the director of the NSI Professor Narendra Mohan the scientists at the Institute have succeeded in producing natural sugar from the sugar cane leaves and the bagasse- the waste of cane sugar obtained by crushing it for juice.

The Xylitol produced with bagasse (waste of the crushed cane) was sugar free and could be consumed by the diabetic patients for sweetening any dish.

The Xylitol would have low calories but would be rich in sweetness said Professor Narendra Mohan.

The Xylitol at present is produced using chemicals and the process of producing it was also complicated. It is being used in Chewing- Gum  and chocolate he added.

The Xylitol produced using sugar cane leaves and the baggase. It has no chemical contents and it taste just like ordinary sugar.

“We imported sugarcane leafs and its baggase from ten different region to ensure that the taste of the sugar produced with them remained the same and was not affected by the geographical factors of different areas. It was found that there was no change in the taste of the Xylitol produced with sugarcane leafs and bagasse grew in different regions,” Professor Mohan said.

“The new technique of producing Xylitol would be beneficial in three ways. Firstly we will get sugar for diabetic patients. The waste baaggse would not be burnt and the environment would be pollution free and thirdly the sugar mills would have additional earning from selling the Xylitol produced with the baggase”, he added.


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