Get fresh vegetables through Tunnel Farming


If you love to have fresh and fertilizer free vegetables every day go for Tunnel Farming at your house. This is the simplest method of growing vegetables even in homes without land, soil and use of fertilizer.

The tunnel farming is based on the idea of growing vegetables using hydroponics (A method of growing  plants without soil by using mineral nutrient solutions in a water solvents) as opposed to growing in soil.

According to an eminent scientist at the Indian Institute of Vegetable Research (IIVR) Hare Krishna the tunnel farming neither needed soil nor the fertilizer and it could be done in all seasons to grow fresh vegetables.

The tunnel framing is a viable solution to the scarcity of land. It would also ensure the supply of fresh and fertilizer free vegetables. The nutrient mixture contains all necessary ingredients needed for vegetables. There is no need of adding fertilizer for growing them. More so, anyone can use this system for growing vegetables at ones house.

Under this system of farming one would have to buy a mixture of more than eighteen nutrients is used which is available on line. The mineral mixed with water would be required to be put in pipes. The pipes could easily be placed either at the roof tops or in the balconies of the house.

The farming is a boon for the cities where green and fresh vegetables were not easily available and one has to pay higher price for buying only the stored vegetables and not for the fresh vegetables.