CSIR and CLRI developed module for disseminating new leather technology


The Council of Scientific  and Industrial Research (CSIR) and Central Leather Research Institute (CLRI) CSIR-CLRI has conceived an innovative dissemination program to be conducted in various parts of the country in several regional languages to promote one-to-one discussions in a language the skilled and unskilled workers of the sector in that region is conversant with.

The object of the innovative communication module is to disseminate the new technologies even among the shop floor workers of the leather industry.

Though the technology development and commercialization efforts can be done without language barriers but for disseminating the developed technologies regional languages would be required.

Leather industry in India needed to adopt technologies that are economically viable and socially and environmentally sustainable. Recently by adopting cleaner and greener leather processing methodologies the leather industry has significantly succeeded in reducing the emission load.

But with increasing population and depleting natural resources like water, the norms for discharge of liquid, solid or gaseous waste should be fixed according to the regional considerations and the Council of Scientific  and Industrial Research (CSIR) and Central Leather Research Institute (CLRI) are required to make continuous efforts for developing sustainable technologies for process and product sectors and also testing and evaluation methods for leather, products and for other auxiliaries, said the chairman of CLRI Mukhtarul Amin at a science and technology program at KLC Banthar the hub of Tanneries.

The program was held on LCEPT(Advanced Leather Processing, Chemicals and Environment, Products, Testing Techniques) in Hindi.

Inaugurating the program Amin stressed upon the need to change in the mindset of tannery owners and workers. He asked the participants for revolutionizing the tanning process and devise new methods to stay in lead in the global market.

The speakers invariably dwelt upon the measures to meet the future challenges before the industry and to make a strategy to augment the domestic and international markets.

Several eminent tannery promoters including Anwarul Haque, President UPLIA, Javed Iqbal, the Regional Chairman of CLE, and an Exporter of Finished Products from the Northern region, Taj Alam Former President UPLIA, were present on the occasion.

Abhinandan Kumar, Principal Scientist at the CLRI and In-charge, Regional Centre for Extension and Development, Kanpur, Dr. K J Sreeram, Senior Principal Scientist from CLRI Chennai, Dr BN Das, Chief Scientist and Cluster Chairman PPBD addressed the technical sessions, R K Jalaan, Former Chairman, CLE and Research Council Member of CLRI, was the guest of honour.


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