Mobile phone causing Dry Eye Syndrome in Children


The dry eye problem among the children is on increase. Over twenty percent children facing eye problems suffered from the dry eye syndrome.

The chief cause of the disease was the over use of mobile phones in games by the children especially during the night hours says a  noted ophthalmologist  Padamshri Dr S Natrajan.

A majority of children were getting Myopic due to game playing on mobile phones. They were also falling prey to retina problems at an early age he said.

Generally the diabetic patients faced retina problem within ten to fifteen years after diabetes, but due to excess use of mobile tender aged children have also become the victim of the retina problem he added.

He however suggests that children suffering from dry eye syndromes should practice frequent eye blinking and avoid playing games on mobile in the night hours to keep their eyes unaffected by dry eye problem.

The other reason for the growing dry eye syndrome is living in closed air-conditioned rooms for long hours and surfing on laptops or computers. This also affected the eyesight of the tender aged children and caused allergic conjunctivitis, he added.

Dr Natrajan is known for restoring eyesight among 180 persons who  suffered loss of sight due to pellet injuries in the retina in Kashmir.